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Succeeding is Believing was quite a change to our typical production. After seeing so many quality films at Filmapalooza 2017, I decided it was really necessary to pull in some additional talented people to help work on our next 48 Hour Film Project. So, my wife and I reached out to some folks and added a few more roles that normally would have been filled by me, such as the end credits and lighting. It also wasn’t intentional that our cast was much larger, but during the writing process, Kevin and I worked them all in, and I think it helped to have solid actors all around.

San Jose 48 Hour Film Project

The end result is a film that I’m very proud of, but also one that I hope people enjoy. It’s our first movie shot and edited in 4K, as well as the first to incorporate the use of a gimbal for traveling shots.

Made for the 2017 48 Hour Film Project in San Jose, CA. Succeeding is Believing is a Buddy Film with the following requirements:

Genre: Buddy Film
Character: Tommy or Tina Pepperbridge, a motivational speaker
Line of Dialogue: “No, that’s not what I said.”
Prop: Pair of sandals

Succeeding is Believing Movie Poster V1