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When people ask me, “Where did you grow up?”, I often have a challenging time answering. The short answer is, “All over the southwest.” The longer answer is, “California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and back to California again.” That answer is usually responded with a question of being an army brat or running away from the mafia. Nope, neither. My father simply was in the hotel business and would be sent from hotel to hotel, often to launch new restaurants. So my childhood got a taste of many locations, and was pretty unique.

Christian and the Umbrella
Looks like rain.

Fast forward to the present and I’m now happily married to an amazing wife, and enjoy many, many hobbies. I studied film and television during a brief 7 year stint in college. My passion is filmmaking, something I’ve done since I was in junior high when camcorders used tape and were still called, “camcorders”. I was the guy in high school who would opt to not do a diorama or poster with his English project, but instead made a short film. At the time, this was revolutionary, however these days it seems far more common (everyone has a camera now! Even on their phones!) I continue to make short films and I’m sure you’ll see them posted now and again here, but you can find all of them on my YouTube channel.

Throughout high school and college, I’d acted a little here and there in my short films or in others; nothing serious though. Shortly after college, I got a little less shy (I was very shy growing up) and took to the stage for a few plays. I immediately was bit by the acting bug. So now I’m a big ham and love to be on the stage (or film) when given the opportunity and time.


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